Save the Takeout and Prepackaged Food for the Nights You're in a Rush or Need a Break from Cooking

Kids tire of cold sandwiches but having the option of ordering hot, nutritious fresh food that is mixed, assembled and served fresh to your child at lunchtime, means no more negotiating.

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Students Deserve a Nutritious Delicious Day’s with Kidssentials Hot Lunch Programs for Schools

Our signature hot lunch programs for schools offers the foods children recognize and want to eat, ensuring excellent nutritional content and satisfying portion sizes. Recognizing the diversity within schools, cultures and lifestyles, we are pleased to offer vegetarian, vegan & Halal options as part of our menu.


“Thank you so much. I now have two daughters taking advantage of your terrific program in two different schools. Well done on what you are doing. Nutritious and healthy choices are truly a gift to us “what do we pack this week” parents!”


- S. Drew, Mississauga Parent


Hot Lunch Programs for Schools Menu


Each Kidssentials entree is well portioned meeting the nutritional requirements of the PPM150. We offer a wide variety of meat and vegetarian options – including mixed entrees, pastas, rice based dishes, burritos, burgers, stews, chilis and wraps – to name but a few.

Healthy Snacks

Available as a side option, our “Healthy Snacks” may include your choice of fresh cut veggies & dip, in season fresh cut fruit, yogurt, side salads, and Kidssentials™ fresh baked cookies. Beverages offered may include chocolate milk, 100% pure juice, and drinkable yogurt.

Allergen Free Options

Childhood food allergies are on the rise; in order to meet the needs of this growing group, an allergen free item is available on each lunch date (gluten, egg, soy, dairy, seafood and sesame free). All of our food items are of course peanut & nut free.

For those students with Diabetes, Kidssentials provides the net carb count beside each entree description.


If your child attends a Kidssentials School, you can view your school’s menu & current pricing by logging in or creating your family account.

How to Order and Payment Options

Kidssentials meals are offered by pre-order only. Ordering is flexible, there is no commitment to order for all dates. What works best for you or your family?

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Our online ordering system is easy to use and secure. From our login screen to the finalizing of your order, we will provide you with easy-to-follow steps to guide you through the process. You have the option of paying by credit card, mailing us a cheque, or sending an email money transfer.

Just follow the steps or call Kidssentials for assistance.

Flexible Cancellation & Order Change Policies

Cancellations through our contact page may be made up until 8am sharp of the day you wish to cancel. For field trips, kindly notify us of your child’s absence as soon as you are informed of the field trip providing as much notice as possible. A credit will be applied to your account and automatically deducted from the next order you place. Changes to your order may be made with 2 business days’ notice. 

to Order

The Kidssentials online ordering system is easy to use and secure. From our login screen to finalizing your order, we will provide you with easy-to-follow steps to guide you through the process.
If your child attends a Kidssentials School, you can view your school’s menu & current pricing
by logging in or creating your family account.

“Having hot nutritious lunches delivered weekly to our school has been an exciting event for both the kids and their parents. At one of our Parent Council meetings, several parents stepped forward to say how happy they were with the weekly Hot Lunches. As one parent mentioned, it is good to know her children are eating a well-balanced hot meal and it is a day off from them having to provide yet another brown bag lunch…”

Parent Council Chair, Peel Catholic School

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