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As One School Administrator Observed:

“The proof is in the trial! By taking advantage of the school wide trial, we saw first hand how easily the program can be implemented and we were able to get immediate feedback from students and staff about the quality and taste of the food. Kidssentials serving fresh on-site really does make a difference.”

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Another School Administrator Observed:

“When compared to our previous lunch provider, the Kidssentials food portions are significantly larger and the quality and appeal of the meals are definitely more favourable for the same price. We look forward to having Kidssentials weekly in our school.”

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Another Pleased School Administrator Observed:

“We have made a point of becoming familiar with the product that is served to our children and what stands out is the aromas that fill our hallways on hot lunch days smell like home cooking—testament to the freshness of foods, quality of ingredients and attention to detail that this company takes to ensure that hot foods arrive hot and cold foods cold.”

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