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We Make it Easy to Get Kidssentials Catered Lunch into Your School.

We Do the Work – We Make it Simple.

Healthy Food Makes Healthy Kids

We are seeing a trend within some schools where ‘fast food’, ‘pre-packaged’ food is being offered to their school families as a solution to the challenge of making lunches.

We believe that children need and should eat fresh, healthy food in order for them to feel well & do their best.

With that in mind, we’ve developed lunch programs that are simple to run, require little from the school administration and at the same time meet the needs of a diverse community of students, parents and staff. Everyone wins with the quality of a Kidssentials program.

“I have worked with Kidssentials at two schools… Having Kidssentials take over the food provided and sold in the school eliminates the ongoing stress of struggling for healthy food options and the time and the organization needed to provide these programs…”

– School Administrator, Toronto Public School

How Do You Get Kidssentials Catered Lunch Service into Your School?

Kidssentials is often parent-driven. The first step is usually a parent calling or emailing us for more details. 


Step 1: Contact Kidssentials


Step 2: More Information for Council / School Admin

We provide you with an information package to take to your council/school admin OR we are able to meet at the school for further discussion. 


Step 3: Schedule a Fun Day Lunch or Start the Lunch Program

Many schools are opting to offer our special ‘FUN DAY’ lunch as a quick way for admin/councils/parents and students to experience, taste and see out how easy and independently Kidssentials runs. ‘FUN DAY’ lunches may be held in as little as 2 weeks once a date has been selected.

Want to start a regular lunch right away? No problem! Once we are provided with the short list of information we need, parents will be able to go online and order lunches for their children. The Kidssentials catered lunch can be up and running in less than 2 weeks.

We Make it Quick & Easy to Offer in Your School!

With only 20 minutes to eat, we understand how important it is for the lunch program to run smoothly & efficiently.

From our providing the morning announcements, processing the orders, fielding parent questions, and distribution of the food, we believe that simple is best!

Our program allows you to focus on your students, school and the business of education because we take care of lunch.

“I have used Kidssentials Catering in three different schools. My experiences with Kidssentials have been very positive. Kidssentials is highly organized, very efficient, always punctual and accurate with orders and the quality meals are prepared in a professional kitchen. 

Our teachers have found the staff to be friendly, flexible, very organized and more importantly, this service does not add any extra duties to the teachers work day.

As the administrator of our school, I find that this is an excellent opportunity as a school to provide a service for our parents that does not require any extra work from our staff or teachers. I would highly recommend that you give Kidssentials Catering Service for Kids a try.”

– Principal, Peel Public School

Nutritious Delicious Day™

Our signature program, offers the foods children recognize and want to eat, ensuring excellent nutritional content and satisfying portion sizes. Recognizing the diversity within schools, cultures and lifestyles, we are able to customize each program to meet and exceed the wishes of the schools we service offering vegetarian, vegan & Halal options included in our menus. Kidssentials programs may be offered, daily, weekly or monthly. What do you need in your school?

Eco-Friendly Initiatives – Food Packaging

The recyclable and compostable packaging and cutlery we use have been a significant factor in many schools achieving gold and platinum certification in the EcoSchools Program. As part of the school routine it is important that we actively support, and set an example our commitment to protect our planet.


Schools using our lunch program as a fundraiser have found that with each consecutive year the program has been in place, the number of orders increases and consequently each year, the financial return increases. Good food = growing number of orders = increased fundraising $.

Fun Day Lunch

Are you currently considering new lunch options or replacing an existing lunch program?

If you’ve never had a catered lunch program or stopped offering one, here is your change to TRY a program that has been described by many groups as “easier than Pizza Day”. A customized ‘one off’ lunch may be offered as a celebration or to mark an occasion. 


At Kidssentials, we are able to handle all aspects of each lunch program and have them run seamlessly and invisibly within the normal day-to-day school processes with no volunteers required.

“We are a fairly large school with over 700 children. Most parents in our community work full time making volunteer time at a premium. Kidssentials has taken the work away from us, from the money counting and order totaling to organizing the food distribution and clean-up. This has allowed us to run a special lunch every week without taxing our volunteer base.”

– Parent Council Chair, Halton Public School

Kidssentials & the Ontario Ministry’s ‘School Food & Beverage Policy’

Feeding children healthy food is not a new concept for Kidssentials; from day one, we have been pleased to provide healthy food options that children want and enjoy, parents approve of, and schools are proud to offer. All of our menu options meet or exceed the requirements of the PPM150.

How Parents can Place Orders and Payment Options

Kidssentials meals are offered by pre-order only. Parents are not committed to order for all the dates offered; but may instead place an order for the dates that suits their needs. Our online ordering system is easy to use.

Payments may be made by e-transfer, cheque or Credit Card. Processing is simple and secure, we do not store sensitive information on our system. From login to the finalizing of the order, parents are provided with easy-to-follow steps to guide them through the process. Sign in to place an order.

While most ordering is done by the parents online, some communities need paper forms. In that case Kidssentials does all of the work from printing, processing to data entry.

Kidssentials Cancellation Policy

We understand that unexpected situations may arise, that a child may be ill, or they have an appointment. Our flexible cancellation policy allows for these little surprises. Should a parent need to cancel their child’s meal they just need to go to our ‘Contact Us’ page any day or time prior to 8 a.m. on the day of the meal to make their cancellation and a CREDIT will be issued towards a future date. When there is a field trip, we ask that parents cancel the meal as soon as they have been informed of the outing. More notice permits us to plan more efficiently, 2 days’ notice or more is greatly appreciated.

to Order

The Kidssentials online ordering system is easy to use and secure. From our login screen to finalizing your order, we will provide you with easy-to-follow steps to guide you through the process.
If your child attends a Kidssentials School, you can view your school’s menu & current pricing
by logging in or creating your family account.

“The food is always fresh and delicious. We have received much positive feedback from parents who appreciate the convenience and quality of your lunches.”

Principal, Oakville Private School

Contact Kidssentials

Have a question? Need help setting up your account? Need to cancel or change an order? Interested in bringing Kidssentials to your school? Didn't find your answer on our FAQ page? We can help!

Please use one of our quick and easy forms on our Contact Kidssentials page to receive assistance.


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