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Our Popular Kidssentials Entrées are Mixed, Assembled and Served Fresh at Your School at Lunchtime – Not Prepackaged

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Welcome to Kidssentials

Kidssentials has been the proud supplier of nutritious hot lunch programs to students in public, separate, private and Montessori schools since 1996. We offer a unique service where food, which would otherwise be compromised by prepackaging, is assembled and served fresh on-site.

Our Kidssentials team caters to schools in the Halton Region (Oakville, Burlington, Milton), Peel Region (Brampton, Mississauga) and Etobicoke in the Greater Toronto Area.

Kidssentials Meals are Designed with Children in Mind and a Focus on Keeping them Healthy!

We have developed a catered lunch program that is simple to run, requires little from the school administration, and at the same time meets the needs of students, parents and staff. Whether offered as a full service or fundraiser, everyone wins with the quality of a Kidssentials catered lunch program.

Kidssentials is Easy to Offer in Your School

In most schools today, students have only 20 minutes to eat. So, it’s really important that the lunch program in your school be quick and efficient. Kidssentials staff are on-site at school from the beginning to end of lunchtime to answer any questions, assist students, and ensure the smooth running of the lunch program.



Prepared in a Health Department Inspected Peanut/Nut-Free Kitchen


Allergen-Free Entrées Available

Gluten, Soy, Egg, Sesame, Seafood & Dairy Free


Vegetarian & Vegan Entrées

Options Available


Certified & Approved Halal

*Where Offered


Served Fresh

Mixed, Assembled & Served Right Before Lunchtime


PPM150 Approved Meals

Our Food Meets or Exceeds the Requirements of the PPM150 – Food and Beverage Policy



Compostable or Recyclable Packaging and Cutlery



Daily, Weekly or Monthly Programs for Schools


You hear about Nutrition everywhere – what it’s doing or rather what the lack of it is doing to our kids. Health care professionals are quick to cite current diet patterns and the fast food industry with the decline of our children’s health.

Our Commitment

We firmly believe that healthy eating is a requirement for meeting children’s needs for growth, development and activity; that healthy eating contributes to a child’s sense of well-being, and also helps them to concentrate and perform to their maximum potential.

It is our desire to help parents, teachers and caregivers provide children with the fuel they need to complete their day fully and effectively.

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“The quality of the food Kidssentials serves has surpassed what we would expect from an outside service coming into the school. Kidssentials meals are always served hot, fresh and the kids just love it. The Kidssentials staff assembles the majority of the meals at the school in order to ensure that the food is as fresh and hot as possible. The delicious sauces are always mixed well, and the burgers are always hot without soggy buns. …We have only good things to say about the program and we are extremely pleased that we chose Kidssentials.”

– A Halton School Association of Parents

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