Says Who? - Kids

Hands Up!

Kids say the ’darndest‘ things… but they're the ones eating the food!

“REALLY GOOD FOOD!! Good job.” - Grade 5 student

“Your Chicken Alfredo is the Best!” - Grade 7 student

“Kidssentials Rules!” - Grade 5 student

“Hi! My name is Angela. You guys are real nice for thinking of this that's why I always order thank you.” - Grade 4 student

“I am the kid that ordered the food. Your food is soooo delicious! I specially like the chicken fried rice.” - Grade 5 student

“I like Kidssentials cause it's different from pizza.” Grade 5 student

“Your really good at baken. And your food is really yumy but mabe you should give less food like just a little less. Thank you! Your very nice.” - Grade 3 student

“Put more ’nacho fiesta‘ like everyday. I love the food with such variety!!“ - Grade 4 student

“Kidssentials is the greatest!” - Grade 6 student

“I really like your food. My mom really likes it to because she likes that I eat the food because she says I'm a fussy eater.” - Grade 4 student

“Kidssentials Rocks!“ - Grade 6 student

“My name is Richard J. and I'm in grade eight. By far my favourite burger is a Kidssentials burger and it's simply because it tastes so good and fresh and the buns are not mushy. My mom tries to make them for me for dinner but they are never as good.” - Grade 8 student