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Hands Up!

Parents care about quality & enjoy the economical break from having to pack a lunch!

“I love all the different kinds of lunches you have!! Thank you.”

“My daughter informed me that I missed the order deadline for the nest session of Kidssentials. Needless to say, she was not very pleased with me (she LOVES your chicken burgers). Is it too late to order? Any help you can be in this matter would be greatly appreciated!”

“This is a unique and valuable service you are offering. I am very pleased with the quality of your lunches. My children refused to order from the other company that we had last year but cannot stop talking about how ‘yummy’ your food tastes. Thanks for feeding my picky kids!!”

“I think this is a wonderful program as I hate my son not being able to eat anything beyond sandwiches all week. I think the variety and nutritional value is great. Thank you.”

“Thank-you very much for your help. My two children both love the Kidssentials lunches. My son especially loves the cheesy mac! If you ever print a cookbook in the future, I’m sure that he will insist that we buy it. Thanks.”

“The quality of the meals that you serve our children is better than I’ve seen in any lunch program. The day you stop serving the school is the day [my son] stops getting hot lunches. I’ll bring them in myself at that point!”

“My husband and I would like to thank you Kidssentials for helping working parents like us. You provide a fantastic meal for our child, he compliments his meals provided by you. As a parent, I am so happy that you provide this service. The cost is affordable and you try to make each and every kid happy with your meals.”

“I really love this program. Is there a possibility of having Kidssentials more frequently? My son is in Grade 4 and it’s getting harder and harder to plan his lunches. There are many occasions when he returns home with his packed lunch not eaten, whereas he is always excited for ‘Nutritious Delicious Day’ and I know his tummy will be filled on those days! Also, what I would give for an extra few minutes of sleep in the morning if I don’t have to worry about lunch preparation :-)”

“My son was away ill last week on the Kidssentials lunch day. He was upset that he’d be missing his special lunch, so living close to the school I came and picked it up. Interested in seeing what the food was like, my husband and I each had a taste. I just wanted to say that it was the best chilli that any of us has ever had before. Kudos to the chef!”

“Thank you for your speedy response! And delicious meals as always!”

“[My son] is such a picky eater but he really loves your food!”

“Thank you for allowing me to cancel my son’s meal due to an impromptu visit to the orthodontist. He hates going but he hates missing your lunches even more!”

“Thanks for the GREAT hot lunches! My son so looks forward to Mondays at Montessori!!”

“Thanks for the prompt response as always! I can relax a bit more this morning! It is such a sense of relief when I look at my calendar and see that it’s Nutritious Delicious Day and I don’t have to pack a lunch! Mornings are always hectic enough. Thank you!”

“I missed the due date for handing in our lunch orders. My kids were devastated! I am hoping that it’s not too late...HELP! Thank you for making such great meals :)”

“This program is Terrific! It is nice to know that my daughter enjoys it as well. I take comfort in knowing she eats lunch at least once a week!?! Well done—I wish it were more often.”

“I have three daughters at the school who just can’t wait for their hot lunch Thursdays. They love very much each and every meal especially the French toast! Looking forward to this term’s menu, I think it is a great service.”

“My daughter really enjoys the lunches you folks provide, and looks forward to each meal. Thanks so much for providing such a great service.”

“We missed the deadline for the next round of hot lunches. She really loves the lunches, so is there any way we can still submit our order for this season?”

“My children keep requesting that the Beef Hamburger be available more often & that it’s the best hamburger they’ve ever had!”

“BOTH my kids had positive comments on how good the food tastes!!! They never agree on anything! Keep up the good work.”

“You guys are amazing! Just wanted to let you know that I think this is a wonderful service and support it wholeheartedly. A great big thanks and hug to you from all us super moms out there!”

“Thanks! By the way, my kids love your meals and look forward to them!”