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“The lunches are a great hit at our school. I’m on the school council and am pleased that the others on the council think it’s equally fantastic. Thanks for your professionalism and making it a great success!“

Council member, Peel Public School

“I’d also like to tell you how much I (we, in the office) enjoyed the Kidssentials lunches on Monday this term. We each tried all the different items, so that we knew what the students were getting. The grand prize winner, as we all agreed—although all items were terrific—was the Chicken Caesar Wrap. Awesome! Thank you again for taking such good care of us. Cheers.“

Head Secretary, Peel Public School

“I do want you to know that we are very much looking forward to having your company at our school. I do recognize that, when compared to The [competition], the Kidssentials’ food portions are definitely larger and the quality and appeal of the meals more favourable for the same price!“

Council member, Halton Public School

“I would like to thank you for the great service that you have provided our school—my son is graduating this year and has enjoyed your meals over the past years. And as a parent, I have enjoyed Wednesdays thanks to you. Knowing that I don’t need to make a lunch for him and that he would have a hot and nutritious lunch has been great. As a parent and as chair of the parent council, thank you.“

Parent Council Chair, Halton Public School

“I was given a sample of your Chicken Fried Rice and I just want to say that it was the best lunch I have had in a long time. I usually buy the ready made Chicken Fried Rice at [a popular grocery store] but yours is soooooooooo much better. I mean it. No wonder the kids love it. My co-workers smelled it as I came into the staff room and they want to know your recipe but I told them it was top secret (and I did not share a bite). From a fan of your food.“

Teacher, Toronto Catholic School

“As the head Custodian in our school I get to see what goes in the garbage. I have to tell you that I am pleased to see the children are eating their lunches from Kidssentials. With the previous supplier, and even the lunches from home, a great amount of food gets thrown out. It makes me feel good to know the kids are enjoying their lunches.“

Head Custodian, Halton Catholic School

“The food is always fresh and delicious. We have received much positive feedback from parents who appreciate the convenience and quality of your lunches.”

Principal, Oakville Private School

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