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Sheridan Park Public School
2280 Perran Drive Mississauga. Ontario L5K 1M1
Tel: 905.822.2401 Fax: 905.822.0248
Mrs. Luciana Cardarelli, Principal

To Whom It May Concern:

Please consider this a letter of recommendation for Kidssentials. I have the pleasure of commenting on the exemplary level of service provided by Gigi and her staff—in terms of promptness, efficiency, reliability and especially professionalism. In the 4 years that Kidssentials has been providing hot lunch service to Sheridan Park Public School, a learning community of 550 students, we have, as an office team, always been impressed with the proactive, solution-seeking attitude displayed by everyone within Kidssentials to ensure that our students are well-fed, well-nourished and well-cared for.

Compared to another hot lunch provider that we previously used, the Kidssentials system of operation is indeed self-sustaining any rare issue that does come up is handled completely by them, to the satisfaction of all involved -and without any need for action by the school. We have made a point of becoming familiar with the product that is served to our children and what stands out is that the aromas that fill our hallways on hot lunch days smell like home cooking—testament to the freshness of foods, quality of ingredients and attention to detail that this company takes to ensure that hot foods arrive hot and cold foods cold.

In the pursuit of ever-improving their business, the revamping of their menu design has allowed for greater flexibility in student choice. Gigi’s integration of technology has made year-round ordering a breeze without adding workload to our teachers or the office team. She is a collaborative partner in planning for student success as her menu choices are varied and respectful of particular allergy issues here in our building.

In summary, Gigi and everyone at Kidssentials live and work with passion to provide for our learners and staff nutritious, well-portioned and FRESH lunches that all enjoy! I do not hesitate to urge fellow administrators or council chairs to chat with Gigi and see how her service might enhance the learning environment of their schools.


Luciana Cardarelli

2120 Cleaver Ave, Burlington,, Toronto, Ontario M9B 5Y7
Tel. (905) 332-3897 Fax. (905) 332-5578

To Whom It May Concern:

C.H. Norton Public School has been having our special lunch days catered by Kidssentials since January of 2008. The school community; parents, students and staff, have all loved the delicious food and the break from packing lunches! Our staff enjoys the fact that it is non-intrusive on their time and class. Everything from money counting to clean up is done by the company. Many of our staff members order meals for themselves and enjoy a hot meal they did not have to make (and let’s face it, food someone else prepares for you always tastes better!). We have yet to ever have a complaint that the children did not like the food. Happy kids + happy parents + happy staff = a successful program.

We are a fairly large school with over 700 children. Most parents in our community work full time making volunteer time at a premium. Kidssentials has taken the work away from us, from the money counting and order totalling to organizing the food distribution and clean up. This has allowed us to run a special lunch every week without taxing our volunteer base. The money this has allowed us to raise has helped us purchase numeracy and literacy supplies, new computers, healthy living/active living supplies as well as unique arts experiences that are well outside of the normal school budget.

In the past, we have tried many different special lunch options. Many have assured us that a large order was not a problem, yet food would be delivered cold and in many cases late. With the new balanced day schedule at our school, lunch is shortened making the time at a true premium. Having a special lunch delivered late often meant cutting into the afternoon class time to have the children eat. To service this large of a student base, we often had to turn to food options that were not as healthy as we would have liked. This did not fit in with the philosophy of the school.

We have been very happy with the nutritious choices and wonderful portion sizes Kidssentials has provided us with. The food is never fried, is always served hot and there is enough food to fill the child without having them ‘stuff’ themselves. Quality, nutritious food, served hot and on time has kept us returning to Kidssentials.

As a parent, head of fundraising for parent council and a consumer (I also order and enjoy the Kidssentials meals), I would not hesitate to recommend Kidssentials to another school looking for a quality hot lunch program for their students and staff. They have been a very professional company who has shown flexibility with parents and children as well as great respect for staff and students in the school. C.H. Norton will continue to enjoy healthy, hot lunches from Kidssentials.


Jennifer Hauser
Head of Fundraising
C.H. Norton Public School

Killbride Public School Association of Partners
6611 Panton Street,
Kilbride, Ontario L0P 1G0

It is out pleasure to highly recommend Kidssentials, the catering service for Kids! Our school did a trial run of the hot lunch program for the last 2 months of 2007-2008 school year. It was so well received that we started the program in September 2008, offering it on alternate weeks. By Christmas we had so many requests to increase the frequency that we are not offering it on a weekly basis; participation in the program still continues to increase.

The quality of the food Kidssential serves has surpassed what we would expect from an outside service coming into the school. Kidssentials meals are always hot, fresh and the kids just love it. The Kidssential staff assembles the majority of the meals at the school in order to ensure that the food is as fresh and hot as possible. The delicious sauces are always mixed well and the burgers are always hot without soggy buns. The Kidssentials program does not require special facilities or space, the staff work very efficiently in limited space.

Another wonderful feature of the Kidssentials program is that the Kidssentials staff handles all aspects of administering the program. Order forms are picked up, processed and all payments are inquiries are handled by Kidssentials. Kidssentials runs the Lunch program so efficiently that the routine of serving the lunches goes off without a glitch.

As with any school, field trips, cancellations, and other such unexpected situation arise; Kidssentials always deals with and confirms these changes in a prompt professional manner. Kidssentials staff has been extremely reasonable, accommodating and easy to deal with, their policies are very fair and we have not had any situations arise that they have not resolved satisfactory.

We have only good things to say about the program and we are extremely pleased that we chose Kidssentials.

Kilbride School Association of Parents.


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