Fun Day Lunch

Whether as a trial to gather feedback


as a special “one off” to just have fun


We invite your Students and Staff to:

• Taste for themselves, our fresh, mouth-watering and healthy entrées and sides.
• Experience the “oohs & ahhs” in response to our food and see why so many schools have implemented or switched to a Kidssentials Catered Lunch Program.
• Compare the benefits of a Kidssentials lunch versus any other lunchtime offering.


Contact Kidssentials & Pick a day to
'Have A Fun Day Lunch'
See first-hand why Fresh is always best!

As one school administrator observed:

“The proof is in the trial! By taking advantage of the school wide trial, we saw first hand how easily the program can be implemented and we were able to get immediate feedback from students and staff about the quality and taste of the food. Kidssentials serving fresh on-site really does make a difference.”

In another school:

“When compared to our previous lunch provider, the Kidssentials food portions are significantly larger and the quality and appeal of the meals are definitely more favourable for the same price. We look forward to having Kidssentials weekly in our school.”

• Are you currently evaluating or trying new lunch options?
• Are you considering replacing or adding to an existing lunch program?

Nut Free!

If you’ve never had a catered lunch program or stopped offering one, here is your chance to TRY a program that has been described by many groups as “easier than Pizza Day”.

See for yourself why schools appreciate our catered lunches:

  • Our programs are seamless to implement— simple for schools.
  • All orders are processed by Kidssentials— Requiring no ‘middle man’, parents communicate directly with Kidssentials should any questions arise regarding a student’s order.
  • Nutritious & delicious—The foods parents approve of & children enjoy!
  • Our menus follow the guidelines from the ‘PPM150/Healthy Foods for Healthy Schools Act’ and are customized to each school’s needs offering vegetarian, allergen-free & Halal options.
  • Operating in Halton, Peel & Toronto public, separate, Montessori and private schools — Many of our schools have implemented our programs after having a Fun Day Lunch or having received a positive reference from another school.
  • Our catering kitchens are a Peanut/Nut Free Zone.
  • Kidssentials programs do not require parent volunteers. Whether offered daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, Kidssentials is implemented into your school’s schedule efficiently and hassle-free.
  • What makes Kidssentials stand out from all other companies? As many schools have found out, our “served fresh” approach ensures quality & texture. There is no debate - When compared to the competition’s pre-packaged foods, Kidssentials food is hotter, fresher & safely served at the correct temperatures.
  • Positive Feedback from Parents! They love the break from having to make, yet another lunch and take comfort in knowing their child is receiving a healthy meal.

Served Fresh is Best!

Administrators and councils are always looking forward, planning for the next school year. Parents are constantly in strong negotiations with their children as to what they will actually eat out of their packed lunch bag from home.

So, the way we see it, everyone is ready to try something new! With our Fun Day Lunch, school administrators and councils get to see a Kidssentials program in action, and students have the opportunity to try something new, fresh and delicious for lunch.

Contact us today to book your Fun Day Lunch and find out why so many schools have implemented or switched to a Kidssentials Lunch Program!

Kidssentials Volunteers

Are you interested?

“I am writing this letter in support of the lunch program provided by Kidssentials. Their goal is to promote healthy eating through healthy meals and snacks. A variety of menus are offered to meet the specific needs of the school. It should be further noted that the meals and snacks available are meeting the new directives as outlined by the Ministry. I have worked with Kidssentials at two schools...having Kidssentials take over the food provided and sold in the school eliminates the ongoing stress of struggling for healthy food options and the time and the organization needed to provide these programs.”

Administrator, Toronto Public School

Welcome back Kidssentials After four satisfied years with Kidssentials, we decided to change things up and try one of the other school catering programs out there. Three months into the new program, we found that not only had the number of orders decreased, but that a lot of the food ordered was ending up in the garbage and not being enjoyed. We conducted a survey and an overwhelming number of students wanted us to change back to Kidssentials. After switching back, not only did the number of orders increase, but on the very first lunch date we were pleased to find that all of the students were finishing their meals. This is a win-win situation! Thank You!”

Administrator, Peel Catholic School

“I have used Kidssentials Catering in three different schools. My experiences with Kidssentials have been very positive. Kidssentials is highly organized, very efficient, always punctual and accurate with orders and the quality meals are prepared in a professional kitchen.

Our teachers have found the staff to be friendly, flexible, very organized and more importantly, this service does not add any extra duties to the teachers work day.

As the administrator of our school, I find that this is an excellent opportunity as a school to provide a service for our parents that does not require any extra work from our staff or teachers. I would highly recommend that you give Kidssentials Catering Service for Kids a try.”

Princiipal, Peel Public School